I’ve been gaining my energy back in drips and drabs, a good day here, a finished project there. I managed a trip to see the boyfriend for their birthday;


[and all my plant babies, who are thriving]


[I started, finished, and gave away this hat. Without getting any FO pictures. You’d think I’d have learnt by now, and yet]


[just to make things really fun, I threw in a skin biopsy two days after I got home]

My second hip surgery is this Friday. The first one, one the other side, was fantastic. I recovered in record time (fast enough that absentmindedly left my crutches behind at my two week follow up appointment), and I went from barely able to walk up a handful of steps to stomping my way around a new town, walking dogs, lifting weights.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up. It’s possible that this surgery will be just as easy, but my body’s dealing with a lot right now, and it’s a constant effort to remind myself that it’s okay to take longer to recover.

My focus for the week is getting ready, catching up on little things; the collection of not-quite-put-away hand creams and hair products in front of my mirror, the bedroom rug I’m constantly tripping over, laundry, and then on getting ready, packing, craft projects prepared, more laundry. It’s easy to get sucked into busy work, undoubtedly, but I’m making the time for the slow things too.

[like jasmine and lemonbalm for my bedroom]

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a week in small things

it’s been a rough week. Low in energy, high in demands (the last week of a semester tends to break people, sick or not), and sometimes you have to measure progress in the little things.

img_8554Like tiny sweaters for even tinier people

Or a ginger bug that has you doing Frankenstein impressions (it lives!!)

Honeysuckle and ginger syrups, because it’s still spring even if you’re stuck indoors


There was also a fair bit of sock knitting going on. Fairy Godmother Birthday socks, to be precise. I tried out the Vanilla is the New Black pattern for the heels. It’s a brilliant method, looks great and fits great, apart from the messy increases on the heel (full disclosure, the pattern isn’t super clear, but the pattern’s still well worth it).

The toe was an experiment, but a successful one. The cuff on the other hand, was way too tight and had to be re-done (painstakingly unpicked and bound off using this method)

The sun’s out, my steroid dose is down, and the next five days have the potential to be rather interesting. I’ll catch you on the other side of the semester. Hopefully.


Hold up

It’s been a big couple of weeks. I got to see my boyfriend (twice!) I had a birthday, and an anniversary, met my new dermatologist, and even managed a (very long) day trip to Welly. It was wonderful, it was fun, and it was absolutely exhausting. 

When my 7am meds alarm went off this morning I made the executive decision to turn the damn thing off and go right back to sleep. 

Rest days are hard. Managing brain stuff means pouring what little energy I have into the routines that keep me functional, and by about 2pm I was both bored out of my mind and completely out of energy. 

Luckily, there was new tea, charging in the sun on my behalf (since I’m currently doing a damn good impression of a vampire)

There was the beginnings of a blanket, for a tiny and brand new person

And there was Stella, who was absolutely not following me around and just coincidentally happened to be in the same places as me most if the afternoon

She’s trouble that one. 


slow down

I’ve had a rough couple of days, energy wise. My hips hurt. My head hurt. My internal organs started beating each other up, my physio beat me up (I mean, she’s lovely and helpful but ow), and my appointment with the new rheumatologist left with a whole lot of processing to do.


The weather’s been grey and drizzly


But my cat’s been surprisingly affectionate


And I made a new friend*

I made it through. This week it’s MRIs (an arthrogram, I’m dreading it), assignments, and if I’m lucky, some news about a surgery date.

*If anyone knows what this plant is, please let me know. It was helpfully labelled “tabletop plant”, but I’m going to assume that’s not the technical name.


in the making

August is ending, virgo season is beginning, I’ve already finished the birthday socks due at the end of the month, and even though there’s (sparkly!!) rainbow socks on the needles, I’m just not feeling knitting right now.

What I am feeling is stitching. More precisely, a hand-stitched quilt;

[grey shot quilting cotton, 2.5 inch hexies]

I wouldn’t say it’s any slower than knitting, or any simpler, but right at the moment it’s more meditative, and given it’s going to be a quilt, surprisingly portable.


[in case you’re wondering, that’s a spa pool cover propped up to give me some shade so my photo sensitive self could sit and stitch in the fresh air]

The last week I’ve really felt the need to connect with the community that’s out there. My diagnoses are still too fresh and uncertain, and to be honest I still feel too, well, well to step all the way in, but I’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts (particularly in sickness + in health and just a spoonful) and I’m feeling just a little less alone.