Make it two

I want to preface this post with the disclaimer that toe-up socks and I just do not get on. I’ve tried, I really have, but everything about them just irks me. Shaping a toe with increases rather than decreases ends up messy, neat and stretchy cast offs are far fiddlier than neat and stretchy cast ons, and (until this week) I had yet to find a toe up heel that actually fit.

I knew this about myself, and yet I still threw myself into knitting a pair of toe up socks. I had a small contrast skein I wanted to make the most of, I had the knew Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern to try, and to be honest, I was a little grumpy that something as small as a toe up sock had me flummoxed.

Attempt one resulted in a symmetrical toe. It looked alright but feet are not wedge shaped, and I was having trouble fitting the damn thing on the little cardboard foot from the FLK pattern. I frogged it.

Attempt two was more foot shaped, it was also messy and weird looking. I frogged it again.

Attempt three was serviceable. Not as good as a top-down toe, but good enough.

At this point I spent most of a day trying different stripe widths. Single row helix stripes, five row chunky stripes, two row “goldilocks” stripes. I hated them all. I had to admit that the problem wasn’t really the stripes. It was the colours.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing at all wrong with the colours themselves, but despite how much I loved them together, put them in sock form, add some striping, and all I can see is christmas.img_9578

Now I love christmas, I do. But I’m more a fan of gold and silver and shiny and white and maybe some green in the form of a tree. Red and green, not really my thing. In the process of trying to convince myself that I could make these work, I came across a gorgeous photo on pinterest of some two-colour, stripey, fraternal socks.

I took a deep breath. I frogged again.*

Two and a half days later?



*I only ripped back to the end of the toe, which is currently hanging out on some spare needles, may as well have a head start on the next pair.

**Not featured: me knitting the cuff about three times, and casting off twice because I couldn’t decide between 2×2 and 1×1 knitting




Well, the predicted making did not happen last week. When I woke up on Wednesday I realised that we had one day to organise everyone before we left on Thursday morning.

Having just finished my gift knits, I was desperately hoping the yarn I’d ordered would arrive before we left. When that started to look like a pipe dream, I grabbed some emergency yarn to make another Wurm so I’d at least have something to do on the drive.

The weekend went as well as any weekend containing a funeral can, and my mum and I decided to stay on a few more days. By this point, even my emergency yarn was running low, so I got in contact with the lovely Helene of Happy-go-knitty to ask if I could possibly take a look at and buy some of her lovely yarn. Sunday we drove over, and I got to see and squish all of the lovely fibres.

A lot of ooh and ahhing (and some difficult decisions) later, I picked out some gorgeous BFL sock yarn:


[mow the grass, clouds of thunder, and pōhutakawa]

I’d only been planning on getting the one skein, but I love the way these colours play together. Why knit one colour socks when you can knit three colour socks, right?




season’s uh, beginnings?

Despite bringing very little with me from down south, I’ve set myself up with the goal of using up all the stash I have with me — fabric and yarn. What I can’t use, I have to lose (I’m trying to attempt some semblance of this minimalism thing but, well, we’ll see). The hitchhiker I finished last week was the start of that. The next, a baby blanket. Bias garter strips sewn together to form something resembling a herringbone.


That’s two strips worth of ends to be woven in (weaved in?) and there’ll be six more before this thing is even approaching being finished.


The ends-fuelled headache is more than balanced out by soft garter squishiness. It won’t be quick, but someone very small is going to have something very soft to snuggle in.

(You may have noticed that there is nowhere near enough yarn there to finish the thing. I am resolutely ignoring that fact, future me; this is your problem now)

Just to make things fun, I’ve recently realised we’re halfway through November, and helping organise the christmas decorations for my folks’ business has kicked my holiday fever right into gear. There’s socks to knit, and maybe a hat or two (for those lucky friends of mine who live places with a winter christmas), jimjams to plant, presents to plan, fudge to make and gingerbread recipes to test (I’ve never been gluten-free at christmas before, but I’m not fool enough to think I can wing it) and quite frankly, I’m thrilled.


in the making

August is ending, virgo season is beginning, I’ve already finished the birthday socks due at the end of the month, and even though there’s (sparkly!!) rainbow socks on the needles, I’m just not feeling knitting right now.

What I am feeling is stitching. More precisely, a hand-stitched quilt;

[grey shot quilting cotton, 2.5 inch hexies]

I wouldn’t say it’s any slower than knitting, or any simpler, but right at the moment it’s more meditative, and given it’s going to be a quilt, surprisingly portable.


[in case you’re wondering, that’s a spa pool cover propped up to give me some shade so my photo sensitive self could sit and stitch in the fresh air]

The last week I’ve really felt the need to connect with the community that’s out there. My diagnoses are still too fresh and uncertain, and to be honest I still feel too, well, well to step all the way in, but I’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts (particularly in sickness + in health and just a spoonful) and I’m feeling just a little less alone.