back it up

On June 1st I finally managed to get my prednisone dosage down to 0.5mg. After the kerfuffle that followed my surgery, I was weaning off it slowly. Think a milligram a month slow. I don’t know whether it was the most recent drop (of half a milligram a day), or the position of the stars or what, but something convinced my immune system to once again lose its shit and hell-o, it’s flare time.

hands: "ew"
I talked to my specialist, and we tried bumping to 1mg, then two, then five. While I’m not exactly gonna complain about not wanting to gnaw my hands off, I have essentially undone five months of careful tapering in a week.

I’m a lil cranky about it.

I am also, unsurprisingly, hangry about it. I want sugar, and I want it all the time. Combine this with a freshly and consistently pissed off gut and this just barely controlled ED is going to have a field day.

So, regular, planned meals so I do eat (and so I don’t forget to eat a single vegetable for three days straight and end up teary-eyed in front of the fridge demolishing half a cucumber), protein so I’m less of a cookie monster, and tummy-friendly so I am actually able to eat those planned meals.

And, if in doubt, shove an entire kumara in your bag and stick it in the microwave when you get to work.



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