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I’m more than a little thrown by christmas this year. Mid-November I got started with planning and decorating and building up my festive spirit. I was ahead of the game, I was prepared.

Our ten days out of town seemed like they were from an alternate universe. They didn’t count. As far as my internal clock was concerned, I had no need to worry – it was the start of December, my plans were made and the decorations were up. Turns out that in this (and in many other things) my internal clock was a liar. It is in fact, about a week from christmas and I have gone right from ‘ahead of the game’ to ‘way behind the ball’.

I axed a few things right out; little bundles of handmade goodies will have to wait til next year, christmas pjs are also not going to happen (probably. I may have a crack tomorrow and see where I get to). Some things are staying. Russian fudge is way too much trouble right now, but cheats’s fudge, in all it’s delicious variations? Very possible. Gingerbread cookies may also make an appearance.

As for gifts well, I’m actually very nearly sorted. I have a few bits to pick up, and a few more to wrap, but the bulk of the gifts have been wrapped (my favourite part of christmas, honestly) and either stuck under the tree, delivered, or sent of their merry way.

I do have a rather lovely WIP that’s well on track to be under the tree by christmas eve, but my phone is currently uh, indisposed and for now at least it shall remain mysterious.


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