Well, the predicted making did not happen last week. When I woke up on Wednesday I realised that we had one day to organise everyone before we left on Thursday morning.

Having just finished my gift knits, I was desperately hoping the yarn I’d ordered would arrive before we left. When that started to look like a pipe dream, I grabbed some emergency yarn to make another Wurm so I’d at least have something to do on the drive.

The weekend went as well as any weekend containing a funeral can, and my mum and I decided to stay on a few more days. By this point, even my emergency yarn was running low, so I got in contact with the lovely Helene of Happy-go-knitty to ask if I could possibly take a look at and buy some of her lovely yarn. Sunday we drove over, and I got to see and squish all of the lovely fibres.

A lot of ooh and ahhing (and some difficult decisions) later, I picked out some gorgeous BFL sock yarn:


[mow the grass, clouds of thunder, and pōhutakawa]

I’d only been planning on getting the one skein, but I love the way these colours play together. Why knit one colour socks when you can knit three colour socks, right?




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