season’s uh, beginnings?

Despite bringing very little with me from down south, I’ve set myself up with the goal of using up all the stash I have with me — fabric and yarn. What I can’t use, I have to lose (I’m trying to attempt some semblance of this minimalism thing but, well, we’ll see). The hitchhiker I finished last week was the start of that. The next, a baby blanket. Bias garter strips sewn together to form something resembling a herringbone.


That’s two strips worth of ends to be woven in (weaved in?) and there’ll be six more before this thing is even approaching being finished.


The ends-fuelled headache is more than balanced out by soft garter squishiness. It won’t be quick, but someone very small is going to have something very soft to snuggle in.

(You may have noticed that there is nowhere near enough yarn there to finish the thing. I am resolutely ignoring that fact, future me; this is your problem now)

Just to make things fun, I’ve recently realised we’re halfway through November, and helping organise the christmas decorations for my folks’ business has kicked my holiday fever right into gear. There’s socks to knit, and maybe a hat or two (for those lucky friends of mine who live places with a winter christmas), jimjams to plant, presents to plan, fudge to make and gingerbread recipes to test (I’ve never been gluten-free at christmas before, but I’m not fool enough to think I can wing it) and quite frankly, I’m thrilled.


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