in the making

August is ending, virgo season is beginning, I’ve already finished the birthday socks due at the end of the month, and even though there’s (sparkly!!) rainbow socks on the needles, I’m just not feeling knitting right now.

What I am feeling is stitching. More precisely, a hand-stitched quilt;

[grey shot quilting cotton, 2.5 inch hexies]

I wouldn’t say it’s any slower than knitting, or any simpler, but right at the moment it’s more meditative, and given it’s going to be a quilt, surprisingly portable.


[in case you’re wondering, that’s a spa pool cover propped up to give me some shade so my photo sensitive self could sit and stitch in the fresh air]

The last week I’ve really felt the need to connect with the community that’s out there. My diagnoses are still too fresh and uncertain, and to be honest I still feel too, well, well to step all the way in, but I’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts (particularly in sickness + in health and just a spoonful) and I’m feeling just a little less alone.